Relax & Be Comfortable!

Don't hold your iPad in Bed.


The patent pending Moe Bull Stand is a uniquely simple product that enables you to comfortably use your tablet in a variety of places. The tip resistant design, which actually leans the device towards the viewer when laying down on a bed or couch, will make watching videos or reading an ebook comfortable! Forget about holding the device with your arms propped up for extended periods of time!




"It's the best product I've seen! It helps especially when we are watching Netflix in bed. We don't have a tv in the bedroom so we have to use the iPad. 90 percent of the time we use the first angle. We love the feel of the stand too. It's not junky and is well made."

Mark (USA)


"It's not something that you think you need but once you get it you realize you can't be without it."

Kyle (Canada)


"I use it everyday and I can't imagine not using it. Most of the time I put it in the kitchen and wear my wireless headphones while I cook but I also use it in bed."

Sue (Canada)